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Terms of trade

The Danish Business Authority accepts payment for documents by credit card or by giro transfer for individual invoices or monthly invoices.

These terms and the Danish Consumer Contracts Act only apply if you are dealing with the Danish Business Authority as a consumer.

What does not apply?
If you are a business owner, the terms of trade (apart from the provisions on payment and delivery) do not apply. Instead, your dealings with the Danish Business Authority will then be subject to the current general rules of the Danish Sale of Goods Act. The Danish Consumer Contracts Act also does not apply, which means that as a business owner you have no right to cancel a transaction.

Foreign business owners
As a foreign business owner, you accept that Danish law applies to the transaction, except for the Danish rules on choice of law and the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). Your purchase is regulated solely by the provisions of the Danish Sale of Goods Act concerning commercial purchases.

Payment by credit card
A credit card means Dankort, VISA/Dankort, VISA, VISA electron, American Express, Maestro, Master Card and JCB.

All prices stated on the CVR site are in DKK and inclusive of all taxes and duties, etc. Services from the CVR site are not subject to VAT.

In connection with payments by credit card, the amount payable will not be drawn from the User's account until the product has been shipped to the User. If an order contains several products, the amounts payable will not be drawn from the User's account until shipment of the last ordered product.

A product is considered to be shipped when the User can access the product ordered in the format ordered.

Payment is via a secure connection
Payment is via a secure connection (https). The data entered in connection with a purchase paid for by credit card will be encrypted and only PBS (automatic funds transfer service) can read the data. Neither the Danish Business Authority nor anyone else has access to reading the data. A small padlock icon at the bottom of the browser indicates that the connection is a secure connection.

On the CVR at Virk site, communication in the payments modules between the User and the server at the Danish Business Authority is encrypted with SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer). The SSL solution includes encryption of transfers and the use of encryption certificates. These certificates comply with all the security requirements of PBS. The DIBS payment system is used in connection with payment of all orders. DIBS has also been also approved by PBS. All payments are managed in this system and can be searched through the order number.

Payment of invoice
Individual invoices issued immediately after an order, as well as monthly invoices are to be paid using the accompanying giro transfer form and by no later than 32 days after receipt of the invoice. The Danish Business Authority charges a reminder fee in the event of overdue payments.

Delivery time
The delivery date for your order depends on what you have ordered. If you have ordered files, the order will be delivered as quickly as these can be produced by the system.  If your order is to be delivered by post, the expected shipping time is up to ten days.

Right to cancel a transaction
The right to cancel an electronic transaction lapses once the goods have been delivered according to the customer's specifications, and this applies for Danish Business Authority products for which there is a charge and which are not delivered electronically.

The right to cancel a transaction also lapses in connection with orders for products that are delivered electronically.

The User's right to cancel a transaction therefore also lapses once delivery of the product has commenced with the User's clear and prior consent to annulment of the right to cancel the transaction.

The contact information of the seller

CVR no. 10150817
Danish Business Authority
Langelinie Allé 17
2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark
Tel.: +45 72 20 00 30
Fax: +45 35 29 10 01

The use of CVR at Virk is otherwise subject to current general conditions.